Jack is an original 1960's Shasta trailer that we completely renovated into a beautiful custom bar for events.

Jack is available for weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties, corporate shindigs, or any other private event your little heart desires. 

Construction began by ripping the trailer down to its axels and building it back up piece by piece. We are so proud of our hard work and hope you are as excited as we are to have us at your next event.

We offer a wide variety of party options. Maybe you would like a good old fashion bar with your favorite cocktails mapped out? Or how about a hot cocoa bar, alcoholic or not, that just sounds like fun. Alcoholic or virgin snow cone parties are a unique option to think about. Or Perhaps you would like a virgin "Mocktail" menu for the non drinkers out there. The possibilities are endless for your specially unique event. Check out our drink map page for ideas!

Intrigued my friend? We thought you might be, don't be shy and contact us for a quote.


Burt, Mike & Kia

info@jackrosecaravan.com // 801-783-0490