Because What Gal Doesn't Love Horses?

Today is a day I was in complete awe. I had a meeting with a Bride today at her venue and my mind was blown. Check this out, her venue? Its horse stables! Not just any old horse stables, absolutely stunning horse stables! I couldn't believe how unique, gorgeous, and just completely amazing this idea was! It was clearly set up as a venue and extremely clean. The wood was just to die for! This rich, dark, warmness feel to it. So inviting but also very mysterious. String lights hanging back and forth from stable to stable. Not too bright, not too dark. Giving it just the right amount of light to set the mood.  

The grounds were so peaceful. Surrounded by nature and Utah beautiful mountains. So Serene. And of course, the horses running freely. I can't wait for this wedding and we still have 2 months left but don't you worry, I won't hold out on you! I know the Jack Rose Caravan is definitely going to bring in an extra twist to this shin dig, and its going to be a-neigh-zing!